Salt paste - application in practice

The salt paste can be used flexibly on a daily basis. The attached attractants ensure that the salt can be found quickly at almost any location. If possible, apply the salt paste in dry weather to enable it to harden quickly. Spreading on old tree stumps has proven tob e successful. The salt paste is absorbed deeply into the wood and provides the game with the minerals it needs for a long time.

1. Cut into the tree stump with the chainsaw

Tip: It is best to look for an old, already slightly weathered tree

2. Apply a thin layer of salt with the salt paste, approx. 3 to 5 cm thick (idealy in dry weather)

Tip 3: This is how you prevent the fox from loosening on the tree stump.

4. The game is optimal supplied with the minerals it needs for a long time.

For optimal care of game